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  • Beards & Brews

    Beards and brews

    October 23rd @ 7pm

    Full, fluffy, short, long.. no matter how it’s styled, who cares? Everybody loves a good beard!! Join us at FSB for the preliminary round as we seek out the 4 perfect, most awesome beards to represent our brewery in the Beard & Brews championship on Saturday, November 1st in downtown Noblesville, and ultimately vie for the title of ‘Best Beard 2014.’

    Prizes will be awarded to the top scorer of each category with the grand prize going to the winner of the Best of Show category.

    A contribution will be made to a local organization supporting men’s health issues.

    Judges will vote for the finalists in four different categories:

    Best of Show
    Thickest Beard
    Longest Beard
    Most Creatively Groomed Beard

    Rules and Regulations:

    - Complaints about the judges’ decisions are not acceptable and will result in disqualification.

    - By participating in the competition, all contestants agree without limitation that they may be photographed and that their voices may be recorded and that all such photographs and recordings may be published.

    - One representative for each contest category will then compete in the Beards & Brews Championship in Noblesville Downtown on Saturday, November 1st. Each of these category contenders will represent your brewery as they vie for the title of ‘Best Beard 2014.’

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